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Publisher: ACE Gamebooks Roleplay

Rebellion. Rebirth. Retaliation. Revenge.

The year is 2121, and the apocalypse has been and gone. Amidst the ruins of the old world, what is left of the human race fights for survival against the gigantic, hyper-evolved Kaiju. Humanity’s most effective weapons against the monsters are the colossal Mechs developed by the Guardian Programme.

YOU are Commander Oishi, a Samurai-class mech-pilot and leader of Phoenix Squad, operating out of Ako Base in the Philippine Sea. When an act of appalling betrayal condemns your fellow warriors to death, it is up to you to pursue the traitor and avenge them.

But with the Earth now under the dominion of the colossal Kaiju, what hope do you have?

*             *             *             *

RONIN 47 is an interactive science fiction novel, inspired by the Legend of the Forty-Seven Ronin from Japan. YOU decide which route to take, which perils to risk, and which of the monstrous creatures and rogue robots you will meet along the way to fight. But whether you succeed in your quest and avenge the deaths of your fellow Samurai-pilots, or succumb to the rampaging kaiju, will be down to the choices YOU make.

YOU are RONIN 47!

*             *             *             *

Written by award-winning author Jonathan Green, RONIN 47 is a 600 section solo RPG adventure gamebook, and the seventh title in the internationally, critically-acclaimed ACE Gamebooks series.

Read the Classics as you have never read them before!

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