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Publisher: Artemis Words

Lace up your skates, you’re on track for adventure!

Get ready for the greatest sport on eight wheels, the Unauthorized Sport: Roller Derby! Roller Derby Road Trip is a blast of confetti, glitter, gender euphoria and feats of skating prowess never before seen on this planet! Take your game on the road as the roller derby team of your dreams as you investigate strange mysteries and take on the weird corners of the world. Your goal is the championship, but on the way, is that someone in a Sasquatch suit trying to scare up some business? Or is the Sasquatch bringing their skates to the track?

GMless system allows everyone to play their inner roller human!
A streamlined dice pool system that allows players to combine their efforts for maximum effectiveness.
Adult and Junior Roller Derby Settings: Create teammates on a road trip into modern fantasy, or the roller derby summer camp you never had!
Resources to generate an infinite number of cozy mysteries in small towns in an unnamed state, in an unnamed country somewhere on Earth!
Bring the delight of roller derby to the world of tabletop roleplaying!

Roller Derby Road Trip was made as a part of the PocketQuest 2022 game jam. Be sure to look for other PocketQuest games on DriveThruRPG for more twists on the summer camp theme!

To print this file as a zine, open in Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader file and print as a double-sided booklet, then fold each leaf in half, staple at the spine, and enjoy!

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