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Publisher: Karma Pirate Games

Rogue Deck Standard: A Card and Dice Game

To find the treasures hidden in the deck you will have to work through all the challenges in your way.

This is a style of games about adventure, chance, and discovery.

Rogue Deck Standard is a card and dice game play system designed to be simple, fast, and expandable. A game can be set up in 5 minutes or less, and play for 10 to 45 minutes.

The materials needed to play this version of the games within include a standard 54 card playing deck (with Jokers), and a set of polyhedral gaming dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12, d20). It is best if each player has their own set of dice, but it is not a hard requirement.

One to four players can engage in cooperative or competitive gameplay. This game play system has been playtested on ages 4 and up, but please use best judgment on the safety and abilities of players.

This document includes eight different game play types based on the core rules:

One Stack will have players draw from a single deck of game cards and apply the Rogue Deck core rules. One Stack is great for players learning the Rogue Deck core mechanics or single players who want fast setup for a quick game.
Two and Fro has players apply the Rogue Deck core rules while working against the tides to get to the target prize. Players can make the waves more rough for others in a competitive play. Two and Fro makes for a fun and challenging back-and-forth game play. 
Double Bound presents two stacks with various levels of reveals. Players may or may not see what is coming, but there will always be a challenging surprise. Apply the Rogue Deck core rules and move toward what is thought to be the right direction.
Three Doors lets players choose their targets as they dig deeper into three card stacks while applying the Rogue Deck core rules. The Three Doors layout is great for players who want some choice to their paths, and to develop strategy to challenge their skills against others.
Four-A-Round keeps the players moving around the card arrangement, spinning deeper into the decks to find the prize. Four-A-Round is a compact layout with enough space for players to move about. This playstyle is great for choice and strategy in a small footprint.
Pyramid will have players choose their targets as they dig deeper into the card stack while applying the Rogue Deck core rules. The Layered Play style is great for players who want some choice to their paths and to challenge their skills against others. Also great as a single player solitaire-esque game
Chaos Table will forgo the nice neat shuffle and deal to embrace the chaos of the organic mess. Players will have to dig through the disorderly spread of cards for their prize. The Chaos Table playstyle is great for super-fast setup, and as a release from rigid tidiness.
Dungeon Crawl will allow payers to wander around a game environment and choose their own paths. The open space layout is similar in feel to a traditional board game or a classic dungeon crawl. This playstyle is a great adventure for most audiences. Even single players can enjoy exploring this game environment.
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