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Publisher: Thunderegg Productions

Cepheus Deluxe is awesome. It’s just about the complete package of everything you could want in a sci-fi RPG. Do you know what it doesn’t have? Rules for how to play as a robot. That’s where we come in.

Robots for Cepheus Deluxe takes that game’s existing robot construction rules and adds a system that gives you fully-playable PCs once you finish building your robot. Do you want to play an imposter, pretending to be a real human? You can do that. What about a charismatic hospitality robot? You can do that, too! The possibilities are endless.

It takes just a moment or two to make a robotic PC, which means you can start playing with minimal downtime.

As a really cool bonus, this book details a brand new robot “species,” the Xenobots. “Living” robots from an ancient civilization, Xenobots can transform back and forth from large android/mecha forms and vehicle forms almost instantaneously. You get the idea.

This book is formatted for easy, low-ink printing. It’s completely compatible with Cepheus Deluxe, and very compatible with all other iterations of the same rules.

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