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Publisher: Felbrigg Herriot

REDD Judge is a mini RPG that sets you up as a law man in one of the last few remaining cities after a nuclear apocalypse. As the law, you will have to battle lawlessness at an unprecedented scale, armed with your wits, a BEAST of a handgun, a few bits of high tech gear, and a bad ass motorcycle.

REDD Judge is designed as an easy to grasp, drop-in, drop-out game where players (other law men) can drop into the game with only a couple of minutes preperation, or drop out of the game with little to know impact on the other players. Its ideal for games with strangers or those new to roleplaying.

The simplicity of the system and speed at which you can roll up a character means even new players can quickly jump into play. The fiction of the game, where the city is bubbling over with crime and judges may be called away at any moment, or drop by to assist without warning, supports the drop-in drop-out premise of the game.

The download includes a standard PDF, and pocket-mod PDFs formatted for Letter and A4. A pocket-mod is 8 pages of content that print out onto a single side of paper and can be folded into a little booklet that will slip into your top pocket. This pocket-mod includes the rules, and a character sheet on the back. ideal for handing out to your players. 

ALSO included is the “R.E.D.D. Crime Reports” app’. This runs straight in your internet browser, no installation required. When you unzip the download look in the app folder and double-click on the “RedCrimeReport.html” file and it will open in your internet browser.

The App represents the direct feed of reported crimes sent to you law-man’s console on his bike. It lists all of the crimes from the law-man’s local area in real time (1 crime every 1-4 seconds). This app is designed for the referee to have open while playing, and it generates a near-infinite list of crimes, locations, and perps, that you can throw at your players, ideal for the zero-prep games.

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