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Publisher: Lucus Austerra

‘Primordial Cosmologia: The Hiirovian Account’ is an in-universe text that contains both a foreign scholar’s personal letter home during his year-long trip abroad and the draft copy of an official report of the formerly closed-off land of Hiirovia, consisting of a retelling of their key creation myths and current knowledge of the elemental planes, along with detailing other notable and unusual aspects and practices of this kingdom. 


The creation myth of Hiirovia, plus other tales of the gods
A list of the classical pantheon
An overview of the elelmental planes
An overview of the relationship between humans, elves, and dwarves
A brief introduction to the habits of the upper classes, and how adventurers can fit in during short meetings
Accounts of other oddities experienced by the author on his travels through Hiirovia

This text is published with the aim of providing inspiration for those running, or planning to run, a campaign. This introductory pamphlet is a heavily revised section of a larger, more comprehensive, volume (covering politics, history, folk tales and urban legends, and demographics, among other topics) which has lain dormant for many years. My aim is to continue the rewriting process for these other aspects of the world, given sufficient interest.

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