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Publisher: DMsAfterDark

Ah, Summer Camp, where kids can get away from their parents and enjoy the great outdoors.  For some it’s a magical experience that births a lifetime of great memories.  For others, it’s a nightmare that leaves long lasting effects – and that’s when it goes well.  What about when it doesnt?

Pine Island is a summer camp horror game that combines the tradition of stories like William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, or William Butler’s Butterfly Revolution in which camp kids are put in a position of self-governance or survival horror movies like The Ritual or The Edge, in which characters must fight to survive against dangerous, mysterious, or even supernatural forces.  The campers will have to find a way to survive in a situtation that no one prepared them for, and few, if any, adults are around to protect or guide them. 

Pine Island is built on the Caltrop Core rules by Lex Kim Bobrow and was created as part of the 2022 Pocket Quest DriveThruRPG Game Jam.  It’s rules-light mechanics and included safety toolbox inspired by Brie Jagr Sheldon’s Script Change will help you group decide on what sort of story you want to tell and have you up and running the game in minutes.  Choose your rating, pick from a selection of scenario prompts (or create your own), make some campers, and you’re on your way!

For an example of character creation and gameplay, check out the creators playing the game here:

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