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Publisher: Vindicated Entertainment

Become an Otherworlder! Swords, guns, and magic. Simple dice resolution, vast character creation, quick and deadly encounters.

Otherworlds is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by many works of fantasy and science fiction. This game has been played for over a decade!

• Light And Easy Rules – We don’t want rules slowing your game down!

• Story Driven Characters – Characters are created from concept first, then game mechanics, meaning the game works for you and allows you to create the characters you want. Archetypes, classes, anything, are all yours to create!

• Keeping It Tight – Characters level up and acquire new skills, but won’t drastically gain tons of health. This keeps any adventurer on their toes around armed, weaker enemies and keeps things balanced, while still giving progression and expanding what you’re capable of!

• Limitless Potential – All rolls in Otherworlds have the chance to explode, meaning you keep rolling if you get a 6! These count as criticals and can be used in OR out of combat, allowing you to win the influence of a leader, gain a new title, learn a new ability, or forge a tale that will go down in history.

• 12 Unique Worlds To Discover – Each with immersive details to flesh them out!

• Engaged Combat – Combat is fast and lethal, keeping players more immersed. Players can also engage in the fight even when it’s not their turn (this means less players being on their phones!).

• Easy To Learn And Customizable System – Perfect for new Game Masters eager to run a system that works for them.

• Mix & Match – Enemy variants are easy to play, creating unique scenarios, strategies, and encounters!

• Simple d6 Resolution System – Roll 1d6, adding one or two dice for your abilities and creative input! If you roll the Difficulty Level, then you succeed!

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