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Publisher: Kent David Kelly

For use by e-book creators, designers, and Game Masters, Oldskull Art Pack XVIII – FLYGIRLS – features AI-assisted creations by Kent David Kelly in glorious full color.

Every world that the Dream Walkers of Oldskull can reach is protected by the Valkyries. But in many of the worlds — especially those bereft of magic — the Valkyr appear in different forms. Nevertheless, adventurer, you will know them when you see them. They cannot hide the light behind their eyes.

FLYGIRLS is an inspirational study in battle readiness and indomitable spirit. Aviators in this character study series hail from realms of alternate history, steampunk, astronautics, and sci fi.

You can use these images as play aids, for locale design guidance, inspiration, or as artwork for use in your own projects.

Upon purchasing this art pack, you are permitted to use all of the included artwork an unlimited number of times, for personal and/or commercial use.

If any images are used in a commercial product intended for profit, I ask that you please include the following attribution within your relevant work(s): “Some art created by Kent David Kelly, 2022.”

This Premium Tier art pack contains the following 53 original pieces:


[1] Aces Over Jacks

[2] Always First and Never Last

[3] Aspirant

[4] Astraea

[5] At Ease

[6] At the Ready

[7] Bangs in the Way

[8] Battle Hardened

[9] Belle Epoque

[10] Biochem Glass

[11] Blast Shields

[12] Brushfire Duty

[13] Command and Control

[14] Covenant I Read You

[15] Destination Mars

[16] Elite Special Forces

[17] Europa Mission Three

[18] Farewell to the Motherland

[19] Fearless

[20] Fire Order

[21] First Flight

[22] For Queen and Country

[23] Free Republic

[24] Gunnery Reticule

[25] Heavy Jaeger Pilot

[26] High Altitude Pilot

[27] High Impact Ultralight

[28] High Intensity Glare

[29] In a Time of Diligence

[30] Intrepid Explorer

[31] Jaeger Night Mission

[32] La Luna

[33] Mech Support Spotter

[34] Mecha Scout

[35] Mechoid Armor and Oxygenator

[36] Mission of Sacrifice

[37] Outer Helmet Off

[38] Outward Bound

[39] Overwash Reflection

[40] Ready for Action

[41] Reporting for Duty

[42] Republic Guardian

[43] Runway Neon

[44] Silk Scarf and Mechoid Goggles

[45] Skybound

[46] Stargazer

[47] Steampunk Bombardier

[48] Stratosphere Test Pilot

[49] Targeting Adjutant

[50] Targeting Manifold

[51] The First Volunteer

[52] To the Stars

[53] Warpaint


* * * * *

Please refer to the folder of associated PNG files which accompany this document.

Disclaimer: This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning.

The software used to create the raw output of this artwork was Midjourney AI, as prompted and curated by Kent David Kelly. Additional necessary refinement software (“Handcrafted” in DriveThruRPG parlance) used by Kent David Kelly to further customize the individual raw AI outputs included the following, with between four and seven software suites being used per piece: [1] Affinity Photo, [2] ChaiNNer, [3] FaceApp, [4] GFPGAN Inference, [5] Microsoft Picture Manager, [6] Paint Classic, [7] PowerPoint, [8] Python Colaboratory (Colab), [9] PyTorch, and [10] 4x_Deviance_60000G.pth.


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