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Publisher: Kent David Kelly

For use by e-book creators, designers, and Game Masters, Oldskull Art Pack IX – Unseelie Court – features AI-assisted creations by Kent David Kelly in glorious full color.

The Unseelie Court — for those of you who know your Gygax research as well as your Katharine Mary Briggs faerie classifications — are the Fae of Chaos, who seek to harm mortals. But they can only reach mortals indirectly through dreams, desire, and temptation toward dark acts. These enshrouded nobles — capriciously allied at times with the Drow — afflict the World of Oldskull with illusions and presages, visitations which are all the more deadly because they are alluring and beautiful.

Each of the Fae featured in this art pack has two aspects. The first is the Unveiled form, which is what they truly look like — as creatures of Chaos — if you manage to see them clearly. The second is the Reflected form, a too-perfect mirror image of symmetrical arcane glammerie which appears as a veiled interpretation of a beautiful maiden of Law.

Upon purchasing this PNG-file art pack, you are permitted to use all of the included artwork an unlimited number of times without restriction, for personal and/or commercial use.

If any images are used in a commercial product intended for profit, I ask that you please include the following attribution within your relevant work(s): “Some art created by Kent David Kelly, 2022.”

This art pack contains the following 26 original pieces, of 13 Fae in both aspects:


[1] Calavadra, Reflected

[2] Calavadra, Unveiled

[3] Chryse, Reflected

[4] Chryse, Unveiled

[5] Dalanthe, Reflected

[6] Dalanthe, Unveiled

[7] Famchae, Reflected

[8] Famchae, Unveiled

[9] Gwyndrai, Reflected

[10] Gwyndrai, Unveiled

[11] Helleken, Reflected

[12] Helleken, Unveiled

[13] Meridia, Reflected

[14] Meridia, Unveiled

[15] Shaethala, Reflected

[16] Shaethala, Unveiled

[17] Thandelei, Reflected

[18] Thandelei, Unveiled

[19] Velanthra, Reflected

[20] Velanthra, Unveiled

[21] Vlondiir, Reflected

[22] Vlondiir, Unveiled

[23] Wyndrii, Reflected

[24] Wyndrii, Unveiled

[25] Xirantha, Reflected

[26] Xirantha, Unveiled


Exemplifying the following powers in the World of Oldskull campaign:

[I] Calavadra, of the Spiders
[II] Chryse, of the Falling Leaves
[III] Dalanthe, of the Death Lilies
[IV] Famchae, of Blood Decadence
[V] Gwyndrai, of Poisoned Berries
[VI] Helleken, of Masquerades
[VII] Meridia, of Envy
[VIII] Shaethala, of the Eastern Lotus
[IX] Thandelei, Dream Reagents
[X] Velanthra, of Frozen Spring
[XI] Vlondiir, of Gateways to Leng
[XII] Wyndrii, of Death in Winter
[XIII] Xirantha, of the Dreamlands


* * * * *


Please refer to the Zip folder of associated PNG files which accompany this document.

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