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Three primary institutions of higher learning in the United States hold the crucial task of educating and training youth who possess special powers. These institutions include the Archerwood Institute, Brimstone Academy, and the Royale Military University. Together, these schools serve to keep track of super-powered youth while also offering such individuals the means and discipline to control their powers wisely. Graduates of the three schools often go on to work for the tech conglomerate Twilight, Inc., serve in one of the military’s elite Strikeforce units, or use their powers independently to help people in the public sphere.

On occasion, however, a student in one of these schools doesn’t fit in, or their behaviors lead them into trouble. This occurs because the nature of their power proves difficult to master, or because their personality and maturity level can’t cope with the demands of their education. The institution’s staff and faculty do everything they can to guide them through this tumultuous period. Most of the time, the student figures things out, graduates, and enters society as a productive, law-abiding citizen.

This PDF contains everything you need to know about Psyonic & Prism, in the Amazing Universe Campaign or any other superhero campaign.

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