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Publisher: LPJ Design

The son or daughter of super-powered parents faces an unusual, challenging, and often hazardous upbringing. In the event one or both parents possess noteworthy powers, their children receive intense attention from their peers, government agencies, and the media. A child’s life becomes even more difficult if they demonstrate powers of their own. An adult with the ability to throw fireballs or turn invisible warrants notice; a child possessing such powers represents something potentially dangerous even if they don’t mean to be.

Many parents with powers do their best to shield their offspring from “the life.” They avoid using their powers or try to downplay them. Some parents receive regular doses of neural repressing drugs designed to inhibit powers—whether willingly or through a court order. A few parents, however, follow the opposite path. They raise their children to appreciate and use their powers. Although this can produce positive results and enable a child to learn to use their power wisely, it remains important they also learn the responsibilities accompanying powers and the circumstances in which they might use them. A super-powered child raised in a climate of suspicion, fear, or with a viewpoint of them being superior to “mundanes” can lead a child to grow up to become a danger to others. So it proved true with the children of the criminal group known as the Coalition.

This PDF contains everything you need to know about Cinder & Frostbite, in the Amazing Universe Campaign or any other superhero campaign.

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