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Publisher: Why Not Games

System 84 NTRPG CON Special 2022 is a first taste of Sytem 84 multi-genre OSR. 

This limited edition setting book mashes the Northlands Saga from Frog God Games and Rocket Age from Why Not Games. It includes RAY guns and runecasters, rocket packs and enchanted weapons, elves and alients. It is a peanut butter to my chocolate kind of book. 

Written in our Ready-to-Play style, this small book has everything you need for mixed up adventures in both settings including:

All the System 84 Multi-Genre OSR rules
The Setting: A short area on both sides of the Eye of Worlds connecting Mars and Estenfird
Adventures: Five short adventures and a campaign arc
Five Playable Species: Earthling, Ioite, Marian (Silthuri), Norsk, and Nuklander
Six Playable Classes: Engineer, Ranger, Rocket Ranger, Runecaster, Soldier, and Weapon Master
Equipment: Swords, Rocket Packs, RAY Guns, and War Walkers
Runecaster spells and magic
Monsters, both alien and undead
Pregenerated characters

Grab some friends and dice!

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