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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing

A Disease Compendium for the Scarred Lands

Not the Common Cold presents 20 new diseases raging on the continent of Fenrilik, from the mundane and the benign to the most terrifying and deadliest. Examples of diseases include:

– The brittlecurse, which slowly transforms its victims into statues of ice.

– The lush fever, a viral lung disease brought from a distant continent by exiles from the Divine War.

– The oceanpox, which causes parasitic eggs to burst from the skin of the victim.

– The whiterage, which forces beasts and men to attack one another in violent fits of rage.

Each disease has multiple stages, and their effect progressively worsen with time when they are left untreated. In addition, indications are provided on how these diseases impact the Fenriliki culture and society. Some of this diseases specifically affects the peoples of Fenrilk, including escheks, taslenhs, krampeks, ondars, and tsor’kans.

In addition, this supplement provides new mundane and magical items, 3 new feats, as well as new traits to customize monsters and non-player characters.

For use with Frostlands of Fenrilik, or in any 5E fantasy setting.

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