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Publisher: Saves and Sorcery

You’ve always known you were different.

Maybe your brain just isn’t wired the same as the average person’s, or maybe you’ve got a unique personality that must be explicitly expressed. However, you never imagined that someone in your life would push for you to be sent to “Normalization Camp.” The smiling recruiters were convincing with their glossy brochures of happy teens and a sleek sales pitch, but you were filled with dread from the moment you heard the name.

A magical creature teleports your characters to the Crystalline Dimension, enhancing your pre-existing Traits to superpowered proportions. 

To save this pocket dimension, you’ll need to successfully navigate two worlds.

Take unstable portals back to your home dimension to eat, sleep, and restock.
It’s difficult to be precise when you return. You may end up far away from your intended destination or in an awkward situation. And what if the Normalizers notice you keep sneaking out of camp?
When you warp home, you don’t have powers, and your magic items are tiny.
You’ll need to discover the secrets of the Crystalline Dimension to stop the monsters and magical forces threatening the realm.

Character Classes based on real-world Neurdivergent Profiles.
Neurodivergent people don’t have superpowers in real life, but they do in this game. 
Learn more about real-world Neurodivergence and Neurodiversity. Whether you live this yourself and like to see people like you represented as a superheroes, or this is a new topic to you, you can have fun with this game.
 Choose character classes such as “Autistic Explorer,” “VAST Adventurer” (Variable Attention Stimulus Trait a.k.a. ADHD), or “Neurotypical Navigator.” In both real life and this game, Neurodiversity includes everyone! To build a successful team, you want to utilizes the strengths and understand the challenges of both Neurodivergent and Neurotypical people.
Roll a lot of dice for fun, but role play the challenges. 
This game uses a standard set of polyhedral dice (easily purchased physically, or you can use an online site or dice rolling app).
Rolls aren’t just success or failure. Role play the challenges your character is dealing with on a low score.

Concentration Trait (1d10+Attention+Trait Level):


Your characters are on a quest of self discovery.
As your characters deal with the otherworldly challenges of the Crystalline Dimension, they’ll also learn more about themselves and their place in their own world. How can they better navigate real life by understanding themselves? What can they do about the horrors of the Normalization Camp they were sent to?

Made for 2022 Pocket Quest:

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