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Publisher: Atlas Games

Mythic Locations at a Glance

Integrate ready-made, story-inspiring locations into your game with this useful Ars Magica supplement.
Includes ten locations with magical significance, specifically created to create opportunities for compelling plot.
Whether you’re looking to fill in gaps in your current saga or inspiration for a new tale, you’re certain to find something helpful within these pages.

There’s No Place Like Mythic Europe: More about Mythic Locations

Mythic Europe is full of places of supernatural power, where the realms of power collide and only the strong survive. Some are big cities and major landmarks, their strength obvious to anyone. But others are small, out-of-the-way places that only the most persistent magi might discover.

This supplement provides ten unique locations to use in your sagas. From a toy fair to a cursed forest, healing baths to a fallen temple, these unique and fully detailed locations await your characters and the stories they will bring.

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