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Publisher: Elven Tower

Elven Tower has Premium Content Integration with Foundry VTT. After purchasing this product, an Activation Key will be automatically redeemed on your Foundry VTT account. You should find this product under Add-On Modules, and ready for you to download and update.

In Mystery in the Chicken Church, a group of level 4 adventurers takes on a mission to investigate the recent disappearances and murders in the forest, near Moe’s Winery. Things have gotten worse as time passes and some people believe that the strange chicken-shaped church in the woods has something to do with it. Unknown to all is the fact that an evil cockatrice-worshipping cult calls it its lair. The charismatic cult leader plans to take over a small town soon.

It is up to a team of valiant warriors to stop the cultists from achieving their ill goals.

The following is a list of the 20 scenes included:

Cultist Ambush – 30×26 – Ambush in a Crime Scene

The Chicken Church – 40×39- Multi-Level Dungeon (Church)

Church of the Holy Cockatrices Isometric View – DM and PC versions

All scenes feature Foundry VTT’s amazing walls and light sources.



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