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Publisher: Stradius

Mystery and Enigma (RPG Soundtrack)

When there’s a mystery to be untangled or a darkness to be revealed… these music pieces may add a bit more goosepumps for your players to experience. These tracks mesh well with the Warriors of The Marches Combat tracks but add some “something is not right” feels to the experience. A great background soundtrack for when the players must be on their toes and perhaps a little worried.

You can hear samplings of my music on my Publisher Link.


[02m 45s] MYS_01_We Must Find Answers
[05m 04s] MYS_02_Mysterious Explorations
[02m 59s] MYS_03_Should It Be Illuminated
[03m 26s] MYS_04_Sinister Awakenings
[02m 49s] MYS_05_Into Darkness Below
[03m 31s] MYS_06_Something Ancient
[03m 24s] MYS_07_Missed A Clue
[03m 16s] MYS_08_Ancient Royalty
[03m 15s] MYS_09_A Dungeon For Whom
[02m 48s] MYS_10_Investigation Required
[03m 34s] MYS_11_It Was The Butler All Along
[04m 48s] MYS_12_Farewell to Daylight
[02m 43s] MYS_13_Disturbing Discovery
[01m 26s] MYS_14_This Should Not Exist


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