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Publisher: Roselysium

Volume 1 of Motte’s Lore Comic.

Jump in as you discover the origins of this Vtuber and how they’ve perceived life up until the day of their awakening.
A short comic exploring the strange things the Professor and his assistant have been up to,
with a bonus introspective section from Motte’s perspective before they awoke to the world.

General Trigger and Content Warnings:
Blood: p.9 and 10
Artistic Nudity (SFW, no genitalia or nipples): p.19 and p. 22


What’s the difference between the PoD options?

The Standard Colour Version has less contrast in a lot of the pages,
making the colours look a bit brighter and more washed out.
It doesn’t affect the reading experience too
much but definitely causes some issues with details
in especially the first couple pages.

The Premium Colour Version has a nicer paper-feel and contrast,
making details more visible. (esp. any night scenes or scenes with glow)
Overall this version does offer a more polished reading experience.

Check the images at the bottom for a better comparison!

Why is it so expensive?

This is primarily a passion project of mine for my friends and fans.
It’s a novelty product meant to support me in my journey as a content creator!

I’m planning on more Volumes in the future
and any support here will make sure that those happen <3

Where can I see your other work?

You can find most of my work over on my Twitter Page and Carrd.
I stream at least once a week on Twitch where I draw, 3d Model, or play some videogames.
I look forward to seeing you around!

Thank you so much for checking out the first Volume of “Moth to a Flame”! <3

(Image above shows the difference in contrast between Standard and Premium Colour.)

(Image above shows possible discolouration of certain blue tones in Standard vs Premium Colour)

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