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Publisher: R. Rook Games

A Quickstart for a Queer RPG of Disco & Cosmic Horror

Head west on Rose Island and you get to the pricey summertime communities like Saltwinne, Destiny Bay, or Dunewood. Head east and you’ll find exclusive resort towns like Pinewood Harbor, Charmington, and Sunken Oak. But those city kids and artists looking to get away for a long weekend, they’re heading right out to the middle of the island for that old gaycation getaway: Roseville Beach.

You play the amateur sleuths protecting this 1979 queer beach town from cosmic horrors, vindictive necromancers, fantastical beasts, and conservative politicians.

The quickstart includes:

An introduction to Roseville Beach
Rules for character creation
Rules for playing
A sample mystery: “The Haunting of Flora Bly”

The quickstart is available as a fully laid out PDF or as text-only ePub. Pick up the Quickstart now and get notified when the full game goes live later in 2022!

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