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Publisher: Game in the Brain

Mneme World Generator is a book made to help in the generation of
complex star systems for Sci-fi games.
With the system contained in this book, you can add considerably
more detail to your star systems to help increase player immersion.
You can generate stars and multi-star systems with Worlds that are
not limited to terrestrial planets. You can have details such as
planetary distances, habitability, mass, star luminosity, atmosphere;
and even things like technological level and government. Social
power structures and Sources are designed to scale better over
human eras and in different human cultures.
It also contains:

access to a spreadsheet to let you generate a solar system with a single click.
3D modeling files to allow the creation of planets and 2D maps.
an expanded tech level system for harder sci-fi settings that don’t deal with gravity manipulation or faster than light travel.
A Basic Artificial Habitat system and expanded Environmental systems.
A Solar System Delta-V map
Recalibration of the Credit system for more realistic scaling of the value of ships, equipment, and developed and advanced societies.
a D66 x d6 Cultures table
& Instructions for making, and a sample of 2D star system Hex map
How to use the planet generator blender files  
How to use the World Generator Spreadsheet
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