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Publisher: Hive Mind Games

Five action-packed nautical-themed mini-adventures! Unique scenarios with loot, unique bosses and full digital maps for each encounter!
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Like a halfling barbarian, these 5e mini-adventures are small in stature but they certainly pack a punch! Each is jam-packed full of nautical shenanigans for your partty. Add a quick sea-worthy session when you’re caught short, fancy a change of pace or use it simply to add some unique flavour and fun to your world! 

Take on heretical nautifcal cultists and their mysterious patron, scramble to survive after stumbling upon a ritual-raid by the blood-gulping Vidarii sea slavers and find the ancient treasures of the Captain Quennan.
Featuring 5 rogiginal adventures with a distinctly vicious classic D&D feel, your party will find themselves neck deep in a range of fresh oceanic antics.

Each adventure is fully 5e compatible and is designed for parties of 5th – 10th level but contains information on hwo to scale up the encounters for higher levelled players. The adventures come in multiple formats including plaintext for accessibility. 

No prep? No worries!

Each adventure is designed to be a self-contained romp through a nautifucal escapade for you to whip our and play immediately. A quick 2 min read-through and you’re good to go! 

Build Your World

Flesh out the worlds of your creation with the blood-gulping Vidarii ritual mauraders, or feature the rich and vibrant Nassan Corsairs. 

Every adventure comes with unique plot hook for you to integrate into your campaigns, even after the session has ended – will the vamprici Vidarii raiders become the next BBEG of your story? Perhaps the seafaring astrologically arcane NAssan Corsairs will ally with your players to rove the seas! Spin these unique ideas out into your own arcs and epic stories, building your world further and giving your players that little extra bit of world building that will solidify it into a campaign to remember. 

The Treasure in Crowfood Cave
Recruited by the Nassan Corsair known as One Eyed Izzie, the part embark on a treasure hunt. A “Piece of cake” they’re told, though of course nothing is ever as simple as it seems…

Blood in the Water
Whilst on the road, the party are caught up in a Vidarii raid ritual slave raid. The party will have to use everything they’ve got in their desperate attempt to fight through, or sneak around, the blood soaked occult reaving of the Vidarri.

The Astromancer’s Salvage
Your party views a Nassan Sorsair Astrological-Scrying, recieving arcane knowldhe fo a treasure of-filled shipwreck nearby.  With the tide set to withdraw far enough to allow access, the party sets off in search of great riches. Surely this’ll be easy, right?

Tempest Mutineers
Hired by an escaped Captain to deliver the Black Spot to his mutinous ex-crew, the party set off into stormy waters to find they may have bitten off more than they can chew!

Abyssal Water
Expecting a simple trip from A to B, the players experience a slew of nautical misfortunes, when they’re beset upon by a horrific sea beastie and wrecked, though that’s only the start of their woes…

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