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Publisher: Comedy Evening Games

Be prepared! It’s time to paddle dragon boats and fight alien villains.

It’s the first night of all-gender scout camp, the scouts have settled into their tents. Meanwhile, their middle-aged leaders have been “hand-picked” by the galactic space cops  to fight the threat of the criminals and villains that have been accidentally let loose on the planet.

MIGHTY Scout Leaders

Three adults sneaked away from the camp.

“Do you think he noticed?” Hale winced as he removed his green jacket.

His colleague Alyona, the unofficial leader of the group, looked around for curious eyes. “Did Samesh notice that the pretend wound that he was dressing was in fact oozing green alien goo? Actually I think you got away with that one, I heard him raving about how cool you made it look. We might have more of a problem with Jade’s heroic actions though.”

There was a weary shrug from the mother of three, “What could I do? Fred is Ravi’s best friend, I wasn’t going to let him drown.”

Alyona repeated what they all knew. “You jumped 20 metres to do it, not to mention the squirrels that helped pull you both out.”

“I know, I know. But we’ll have to deal with it tomorrow. Are we ready?” said Jade, as she held up her power disk. There was a flash of light, and the three power walked out of the glen in shiny, multicoloured body suits.

Your story

Mighty Scout Leaders is a light roleplaying game for 2-5 players and a story guide that will work best played over 4-7 sessions.

Sparked by the Resistance

Mighty Scout Leaders uses a stripped down version of the system made famous by Spire and Heart (using the community license), to help you tell stories with an inevitable downwards spiral.


The game is inspired by Power Rangers, the magical girl genre and the general idea of “What happens if adults with responsibilities had to juggle the two worlds?”. It also pays tribute to actual Scout and Girl Guides badges like “Investigating”, which is, of course, a risky skill to teach when you are trying to hide things.

About the author

Aidan has been designing games for a long time, including several years as lead designer on the Rage CCG fan sets. Last year he started publishing comedy one-shots on, in a wide variety of genre. He has taken the opportunity of Pocket Quest to create a longer-form game and looks forward to expanding it with more detail.

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