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Publisher: 9th Level Games

This product is subscription. With your purchase you will receive one new adventure module on the second Tuesday of each month for one year. This subscription purchase offers you a discount on the cover price of each module and guarantees you will receieve each new module as soon as it is released. Not only that, but subscription purchasers are guaranteed one bonus exclusive module! 

Subscribers will recieve 13 modules by the second Tuesday of August 2023. That’s 13 modules at $5.99 for only $57.60!

All of these monthly modules are for use with Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying available here

Mazes is a return to the classic sword and sorcery dungeon crawler with award-winning, yet delightfully simple modern rules. The first TTRPG to use the polymorph system, Mazes is easy to learn and teach, and ready to play without a lot of prep.

Designed for episodic play, Mazes is ideal for one-shots and conventions. It’s a distillation and modernization of the classic Dungeon Delve, making it a perfect introduction for those new to roleplaying, as well a great excuse for grognards to get back into the dungeon!

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