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Publisher: One-Eyed Werebear

The Mission:

Hired to recover a rare diamond from an ancient temple, the party has successfully infiltrated the treasure room and is poised to seize the prize, along with heaps of other valuables. Time is ticking and while getting in was easy, the temple is about to become a death-trap. 

Can they escape with their lives, and more importantly, the riches?

What’s Inside?

Loot Lemmings is a 5e compatible adventure for four PCs between levels 3 – 4.

Inside the module, you get:

Map #1: full-color, richly detailed and ready for your virtual table-top!
Map #2: GM’s map noting traps, hazards and creatures
Tricky traps, harrowing hazards and determined defenders to challenge your players
Custom Magic Items, recoverable by PCs during the adventure
Custom Creatures, like the Stone Guardian.
Ready-to-Use Adventure Hooks to bring your players to the action
Modular narrative tools for extending the scenario beyond the temple
Game Master’s toolkit for adjusting the adventure to meet the level of cunning and ferocity your players bring forth. Use the adventure as a tutorial for new players or push your veterans to the limit and drink of their tears to give yourself power; the challenge is flexible to your needs and preferred difficulty.
Tokens for the major NPCs and custom creatures in the adventure.
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