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Publisher: Feral Wizard

Time passes inexorably. Ages come and go, empires rise and fall, knowledge is found and lost, kings are celebrated and then forgotten, war and plague ravage the lives of many while a few enjoy the most exquisite pleasures… for a time. Everybody dies. But not you; you are called to survive them all and untangle the most well hidden secrets of the cosmos, even if the price is beyond what any other mortal is willing to pay. 

You are called to Lichdom.

Lichdom is a solo roleplaying game about the ambitious journey of a sorcerer towards immortality, about the careful research to find lost knowledge in crumbling tombs and half buried cities, about overcoming the deathly perils that plague the world by sacrificing your own self, and about finding a way to keep your soul tied to this world at all costs before death comes knocking on your door. This is a narrative game, but it includes many game mechanics to shape your story with strategic decisions, such as Scheming and Scrying, Mundane and Arcane Companions, Favours and Rituals, Plots and Curses, Resolve and Doom. These game elements provide a depth of play beyond the underlying journaling experience that will make you the master of your own destiny. You will need two six-sided dice and a standard deck of cards to play the game (you can also use the Deck of Doom, a deck specially designed to play Lichdom that is sold separately, but it won’t save your soul from inevitable ruin and doom).

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