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Publisher: Bill Reich

This is the first part of a biography of a goblin player-character. I was the Game Master and Bruce Fowler played Krunch for several years in the Eighties and Nineties. I provided a setting and NPCs with their own motivations. I also created whatever events occurred outside the scope of the campaign. Bruce made decisions for Krunch and talked for him. After an initial period of solo play, there were other players making decisions for their characters and talking for them. Most of the named characters and their words are based on other player-characters, as far as our memories can do it.

I was not trying to tell a story. The players tried to further their characters’ interests and did not make decisions in order make a better story. This is the story that emerged from playing the game.

We were using the Glory Road Roleplay rules, long before they were officially published but there is no reason these events could not have occurred using any other fantasy roleplay rules that I know of; certainly, they could happen in an OSR or a RuneQuest campaign. I will not be mentioning any rules mechanics in the tale, no dice rolls, no Hit Points, no classes.

While Krunch seems a reasonable enough person on the whole, no attempt is made to shoehorn him into a “good” alignment and the horrors of goblin/hobgoblin society in this setting are not glossed over.

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