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Publisher: Elven Tower

Elven Tower has Premium Content Integration with Foundry VTT. After purchasing this product, an Activation Key will be automatically redeemed on your Foundry VTT account. You should find this product under Add-On Modules, and ready for you to download and update.

In Krakore’s Mirror, a group of level 3 adventurers takes on a mission of tailing and retrieving an escaped student of Elsefore Academy of Wizardry. They must teleport to the school’s premises, talk with both faculty and students, and then travel to a secluded family mausoleum. The headmaster suspects that the missing student is there to search for a dangerous family heirloom that should never be interacted with..

The following is a list of the maps included:

Elsefore Academy – 46×42 – Academy for Wizards

The Harpy’s Pass – 28×25 – Encounter in the Mountains

Krakore’s Mausoleum – 15×38 Dungeon, Mausoleum

The Harpy’s Pass Isometric View – DM and PC versions

All scenes feature Foundry VTT’s amazing walls and light sources.



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