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Publisher: Basic Action Games

Greetings, eager intriguer! Be not beleaguered! For in this volume, we offer players and GMs an array of intriguing options to add variety, depth, and dimension to any game of Honor + Intrigue. Do not think of this as a book of rules… they’re more like… guidelines on how to adapt your campaign in various ways.

This volume focuses on taking your campaign to the stars. While Honor + Intrigue was designed to focus on the 17th century, the system works well for swashbuckling adventures in any age. This volume is a primer on running a Blasters + Intrigue campaign set in a space opera.

Let us guide you on how to build and equip sci-fi characters, run spacefaring travel and battles, and introduce some of the perils that await out in the galaxy!

Features of this Volume: 

Building a Sci-Fi Character (with new Careers, Boons, and Flaws)
High-Tech Equipment (Blasters & new rules for using them, High-tech melee weapons, explosives, and armor. Magnificent Technology items from arms and armor to gadgets and cybernetics)
Starships and Space Travel: adapts the ship-to-ship systems from Honor + Intrigue to be more fitting for space combat, includes sample ships and vehicles, and rules for dogfighting, including the Pilot Advantage mechanic for resolving “duels” amid the stars. 
Environmental Hazards (From deep space to the deep sea, this covers a lot of different environmental hazards from gravity and vacuum to temperature, radiation and pressure.
Sidebars discussing other ways you might adapt the information in this book to other sorts of sci-fi campaigns such as “Neon + Intrigue”, “Diesel + Intrigue”, and “Rockets + Rapiers”. 
Steam + Intrigue: Too big to fit in a sidebar, Steam + Intrigue discusses how to put a steampunk spin in your Honor + Intrigue campaign using material presented elsewhere in the volume.
Sample NPCs (Pawns and Retainers of various backgrounds, including criminals, robots, space pirates, and more). Enough sample heroes and villains to quickly start a campaign.
Alien Bestiary (awesome alien monsters to terrify your crew with advice on how to make more of your own easily). 
Sample Nonhuman Character: Robots (Volume 3 of Intriguing Options will have dozens of new nonhuman character options, but here we give you the basic rules for nonhuman characters and an outline for building a robotic character). 
New Equipment Tables: 3 pages of new weaponry and 2 pages of new gadgets in an easy-to-reference table at the back.
Future Volumes (1 page telling a bit about other volumes of Intriguing Options like Volume 1: Rules + Story, 3: Nonhuman Characters, 4: Spells + Spellcasters, and another potential project on Horrifying + Fantastic Creatures). 
Sample Adventure: Rescue from the Void (A separate 12-page adventure for running your first  Blasters + Intrigue game). 


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