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Publisher: Night Owl Games

Oberia, a land of untamed magic and verdant beauty, has changed. a dark force has swept the continent, bringing monsters and horrors in its wake. The Everwood has consumed half of the land, sealing cities and nations within its dark trees. Expeditions into the Everwood have become normal, as people search desperately for those swallowed within it. 

In Into the Everwood, you are a Spirited; a mercenary charged with protecting those who would venture within the Everwood. Explore the depths of this twisted wood to find what secret lurk within it, discover the ruins of once glorius cities, and save those who remain. 

Into the Everwood was created in two months for PocketQuest 2022, and serves as a rough start for what will eventually be a full handbook. This system is a rules lite, d10 system, with a focus on narrative and combat mechanics. 

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