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Publisher: Tacitus Publishing

The Sodden Plains is a less-traveled slog-land of lakes and peat bogs pinned between the Chetnukche Shunduva Peaks and the Lashlands.  One of the notable locations within the region is the tomb of the Sodden Hero.  The local lore tells of Buntler of the Twin-Tail Fox Clan leading a band of warriors against the Frost Giants of Kern, pushing them deep back into the Lashlands from whence they came.  His resting place called Sodden Rock has remained unvisited for decades, but the strange dreams visiting the Frost Priestess of the Twin-Tail Fox Clan demand a return.

Hero of Sodden Rock is a Q-Crawl, or Quick-Crawl, that can be run for a group of four to six players with 6th-level characters.  This crawl would be considered a ‘medium’ to ‘hard’ encounter.

Q-Crawls are designed to drop into your game where needed.  They are meant to add flavor to a campaign, giving a little depth to a combat encounter.

Sample pages:

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Included are VTT maps for use.

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