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Publisher: Alienation Press

You live in a boring dystopia. Sure, your Soylent isn’t Soylent Green, but you have to rent a couch through an app because some tech megacorp decided that “the furniture space” needed disrupting. So you know, a dystopia – but not quite as cool as eating people.

The careers of your grandparents gave way to the “side-hustles” of your parents, and now your generation lives in the uncertain rubble of a thousand apps that promised to make life easier. Deliveries in ten minutes, drones that find you dates, fitness-powered crypto-mining, and more are how you and everyone you know pay the bills.

But now, you’re out of options. Your car doesn’t run, so no rideshare will have you, and you can only get so many three-star ratings delivering overpriced food to bougie assholes before jobs dry up. All that’s left is Guun. On-demand goons for the rich and powerful to kill, kidnap, and steal whatever their hearts desire. All you have to do is accept below minimum wage – and put your sanity on the line.

Guun is a fast and loose one-page RPG where the players are cybernetic gig workers, plugging their minds into cloned bodies, and acting as hired goons for the rich and powerful. The game is meant to be picked up and played in a single session, even without any prior knowledge. You’re able to create a scenario, build characters, and learn the system in roughly fifteen minutes.

The main mechanic revolves around drawing cards, so all you need is a standard deck of cards (or an online card/random number generator) to build the job the players will be taking, the characters, and play the actual game. The rules are loose to encourage improvisation, creativity, and a slightly hectic atmosphere.

Guun is still in development and I plan on updating, improving, and tweaking the game as I get feedback from players. Do you have constructive feedback? Send me an email at

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