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Publisher: The Exploding Trousers Co, LTD.

An ancient script set gifted to the gnomes from the Fey long, long ago.  This gnomelore will be useful to anyone seeking to do business with gnomes, travel in gnomish lands or study gnomish history.  

Disclaimer: The Pointed Cap Writing at the bottom of the pages of this article is in the Gnomish language. Loosely translated, it means ‘Bring Me Legend’, a popular toast. Another popular toast that is applicable here is ‘Githiilbox!’. This is the name of the second inventor (first surviving) of the Exploding Trousers. Their function in Gnomish society is described at length in the book Maiis Iidor Para*, as yet only available in Gnomish. The Exploding Trousers Co, LTD. are not responsible for magic effects, wards, traps, or plane-shifts caused by translating Gnomish Pointed Cap Writing.

*The Maiis Iidor Para is the gnomish equivalent to the human Kama Sutra; no scholar has yet undertaken a complete translation into the Common Tongue; several have tried and were never heard from again.

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