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Publisher: Peach Soda Publishing

FRINGE FIGHTERS is a tabletop RPG where you take on the role of a teen at summer camp who has to have the best possible time they can! Only there’s one issue. The veil between a mysterious alternate realm called “The Fringe” and our world has been weakened at the campgrounds allowing for monsters to invade at night and alter our reality. It’s up to you and your fellow campers to protect the camp and your friends from these evil entities. 

Fight monsters, have fun at camp, and stay alive until your parents come to pick you up. Good luck! 

Fringe Fighters uses an easy to learn card based system instead of standard dice. With a deck of 52 cards (and Jokers), you have more influence on your success in game. But each card used stays in your discard pile until your deck is reshuffled which could leave you vulnerable in a future encounter! Choose wisely! 
While there are online playing card simulators, they aren’t a perfect replacement for physical cards. It is recommended to use a physical deck of standard playing cards. 

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