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Publisher: Infinium Game Studios

Check out the full Infinite Adventures Omnibus, containing the Darkhalls plus hundreds of pages of additional content!


The converse of the dwarven Gloryhalls, Darkhalls preserve memory of the deep sins of dwarven legacy.

Tradition dictates that new leaders of each nation must pilgrimage to each Darkhall and take a tour, that these horrors might never again be visited upon the populace.  In practice, pursuing such pilgrimage directly tends to be a distraction and near suicide for many political climates, particularly those that turn over frequently. It’s conventional over the past few generations for new leaders to send emissaries in their stead, from whom they gain the necessary understanding of and appreciation for the tragedies of the past.

Contains description, tools, quests, and more to generate and immediately run countless diverse and interesting permutations of the titular concept.

As an appendix, contains an immense treasure trove of universally-usable mechanics, guidelines, tables, and general resources for all points of interest (POI) in a fantasy TTRPG campaign.

Gore, Greed, Vengeance, and More

Seven Darkhalls lie scattered around the Western Realm, one loosely related to each node of intent in the pantheon of the Progenitors: Famine, Gore, Greed, Nearterm, Shame, Silence, and Vengeance.

Discretion Advised

This book describes institutions dedicated to documenting, in detail, vile atrocities. It is meant to be used in the hands of an experienced G/DM, preferably in the context of a horror-themed fantasy campaign.  Though it is of course set in a fantastical realm, the concepts it describes are regrettably feasible in the real world, and are a part of what has indeed taken place in human history.

Though it goes without saying as a result, this section does contain descriptions of unsettling and possibly disturbing concepts involving intentional and horrific physical injury.

Many G/DMs make it part of Session Zero, or introduce another approach, to clarify what your players are, and more importantly are not, comfortable with in their game. If you have not already done so, before introducing these Darkhalls to your gaming group, it may be appropriate to discuss the concepts with your players to ensure that the resulting game you play together recognizes everyone’s calculus for fun and discomfort.

This book discusses the following topics: Gore, mutilation, ritual scarring, sacrifice, organ consumption, unnecessary surgery, involuntary surgery, torture, self-harm, suicide, starvation, and other concepts related to Famine, Gore, Greed, Shame, Vengeance, and more.

If any of these topics offends you or are something you do not wish to read about, stop here.

Zero Prep, System-Agnostic

Designed to be immediately usable in any fantasy TTRPG, all Infinite Adventures books require zero prep time.

What is This Thing?

FlexTale Infinite Adventures is a concept that applies the Infinium Game Studio approach to points of interest on a fantasy TTRPG map.  Detailed descriptions, endless permutations of things to keep things fresh, easy-to-use tables and resources, and plenty of ideas and inspiration.

This book is one in a series of over 400 describing the various Points of Interest (POI) in the Western Realm of Aquilae.  

Inside, you’ll find:

Discovery, including read-aloud text, “Why You Might Come Here”, “So You Find Yourself Here”, Hooks, and more.
Activities, including Adventure Snippets, Quests, Secrets, Threats, and more.
Location information, including a heatmap / location guide for the POI’s presence in the Realm of Aquilae.
Rumors & Lore table with true, partially true, and false stories about the POI.
Events and Quirks, describing unique phenomena that might occur as you explore.

More interesting for players.  Easier to run for D/GMs.  Full, out of the box support for solo players.

And above all: NOT BORING!


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