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Publisher: Forgotten Oubliette of Forgetfulness

Ferverax and the Valley of Gleam is a Tunnels & Trolls adventure originally written for convention play. It is designed to move very quickly and allows low-level characters the opportunity to level up several times by drinking from magical fountains, then to tackle the evil sorcerer Ferverax (and his pet lizard-griffin Scabby) once they feel ready.


A lush hand-painted map of the play area by Andrew Walter!
A crappy map scrawled in pen on a pink index card also by him!

Three new magic items!

Some lethal new monsters!

An invisible castle (not pictured)!

Kerr-azy characters!

This adventure uses the 5th edition T&T rules with a couple of very common houserules (WIZ and Spite Damage) but is 100% compatible with the newest version of the game.

 If you’re new to T&T, you can get the free version of the rules here.

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