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Publisher: Axian Spice

The forlorn Falkrest Abbey in the icy Lune Mountains is where the Queens and Kings of Yore used to be crowned and buried, along with their treasures. According to legends, the Fountain of St. Brynedd still pours its miraculous water somewhere inside. But what caused the fall of the blessed Abbey?

Falkrest Abbey is a level 1–3 dungeon adventure for Old-School Essentials, easily dropped into any fantasy campaign. Written by Andrea Tupac Mollica and Giuseppe Rotondo, with original art by Zaira Diana.


A 19 room dungeon with combat, mystery, puzzles and NPCs
Encounters and events along the way on the icy Lune Mountains
Several hooks and alternate outcomes with possible repercussions on your campaign
3 new monsters
2 new magic items, plus one almighty magic vial of miraculous water
Original art by Zaira Diana
Map drawn with dungeonscrawl


Treasure & monsters overview sorted by room
Interactive hyperlinked map and index
Interactive hyperlinked map snippets accompanying room descriptions
Printable hand-outs (optional)
Extra: VTT friendly map without room numbers, monsters, secrets doors etc

Where’s the preview? It’s already set, but it’ll take some time (a couple days perhaps) for it to be visible.

Print version: currently not planned.

Why $1: While we’ve done our best to create a professional product, at this time we are happy to share our adventure with as wide an audience as possible. If you want to further support us, check out the other Axian Spice products!

Content warning: Contains graverobbing, necromancy, flayed zombies (trying to kill you), golden nose prosthetics, and a pool of clotted blood. Oh and a frozen dwarf.

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