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Publisher: Episodic Maps

Day? You mean the time when the topside lights shut off and it gets dark enough the shops have to turn on theirs? We don’t run on your time, your highness. You’ll find that things come alive during your “night hours”.

Your credits spend just as well, though- and you’ll owe me a dozen of ’em for the information.

Nothing is free here.

Be cautious anytime you have to spend any length of time in the lower levels. What doesn’t cost credits may well have a much higher cost than you’re ready to pay.

This set of maps includes a “day” and dark version of the roofed slum alley, and the darkened version with interiors and an attacked variety in 70 and 256pixel varieties as well as the UVTT files for ease of import to your VTT of choice.

May your back alley deal go well.

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