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Publisher: S0LU7I0N

“You know that konbini down fifty third street? Yeah, supposedly it’s just a legit front for some savvy gangers dealing in who-knows-what!”

Dystopian City Street Encounter HD – 1980×1080 Resolution

2x Animated Gridded and Gridless Map in 1080p MP4 & JPG format.
4x Theatre of the mind 1080p JPG image.
2x Close up gridless encounter areas in 1080p JPG.
1x Animated Gridless Map in WebM format at 1080p resolution for Foundry VTT use.

Ideal for use in your near-future, cyberpunk or sci-fi TTRPG games!


1080P Sizes:
Offset Y: 8 pixels
Offset X: 7 pixels
Grid Size: 56

4K Sizes:
Offset Y: 26 pixels
Offset X: 33 pixels
Grid Size: 111

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