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Publisher: The Black Fortress



Three Dungeons for the price of one!


These three Print and Play double-sided bookmarks are fully realised and ready-to-go System Agnostic Encounter Maps/Dungeons. On the one side is the dungeon map itself – a Hex Crawl, Village Map and a Maze – while the other side is space for you to personalise the dungeons with your chosen Wandering Monsters and their stats; the Traps you would like to set as well as space of GM notes and description.

As bookmarks, these are handy, quick Encounters which can be easily integrated into a much larger adventure or campaign or for an on-the-fly Side Mission or Quest.

Presented in full colour, the PDF can be printed double sided and cut out, ready to play or can be used as a set of bookmarks to use in your preferred ruleset and player handbooks.

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