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Publisher: Falconian Productions

Drops of The Blood: Spirits is a supplement for The Blood, compatible with the Basic Rules/Quickstart. You need those rules to make use of it.


Witches wield magic, absorbing Resonance and using it to great effect. Vampires are empowered by magic, their very desires Resonating with the world around them. Spirits, however, are magic; each is a coalescence of Resonance that itself grows sentient and (eventually) even sapient.

Magic is a complex phenomenon, more than just a set of rules dictating how spells are cast. When Resonance suffuses an area, it reflects that locale strangely, forming Atellurian Realms. When it flows, it “casts itself” as a self-aware spell. When it builds up along a singular point, however, it grows increasingly more complex, eventually forming into a spirit of a “species” that reflects its origin.

Drops of The Blood: Spirits contains:

Complete mechanics for players to interact with, summon, and make deals with spirits.
Rules for Narrators to build and portray spirit NPCs.
A system of Pact-making that allows characters to gain benefits by making deals with spiritual entities.
Classifications and examples of different types of spirits, as well as how they form, act, and grow.

Drops of The Blood

Drops of The Blood is a small series meant to expand upon the Basic Rules (formerly Quickstart) of The Blood, bringing it closer towards what will eventually become the final version. Put them all together, and you’ll have something fairly close to a “core book” in substance, and in fact, when said consolidated core is released, those with Drops will get a discount on the full thing (to the point of getting it nearly for free if your collection is complete).

It’s a small experiment, in the end, a way to make the game playable from the start and to allow players and narrators alike to grow their games alongside our development process, picking and choosing what they want to see before the full release without any worry about their funds going to waste.

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