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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing

Adventure in the Crossroads Continent!

Down in the Hole is a starter adventure for the Crossroads Continent, designed to capture an old school feel with the 5e OGL ruleset.

The adventurers acquire a map to an abandoned treasure horde allegedly belonging to a famed adventurer. Following the map, they discover a sprawling underground cavern filled with dangerous creatures, terrifying traps, and hints of a great threat making inroads into the region.

This tale is perfect for a one-shot, or as a springboard to begin your own adventures in the Crossroads Continent using the rule set for the world’s most popular roleplaying game!

Down in the Hole contains:

A terrifying subterranean dungeon crawl set in the Crossroads Continent
New monsters, a new magic item, and optional healing rules.
Design notes from creator Richard Thomas.

Note: This is the Advance PDF version of Down in the Hole: An Adventure in the Crossroads Continent. We’ll be collecting feedback before preparing the final PDF and SOftcover versions of the book. Anyone who purchases this version will get the final version of the PDF added to their Library for free, plus a discount code for the Softcover version of the book.

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