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Publisher: 3 Hour Games

You watch sunrise shimmer across the lake. Two weeks ago, bus-loads of kids arrived at camp, hyperactive hellions looking to you to provide some summer fun. They’ll be up and out of their bunks, barreling into today’s activities, before you know it. But for now, it’s quiet. Peaceful. You could almost forget what transpired here last year… That was the plan, of course. To forget. Pretend it never happened. Like you’d all agreed. Sometimes people just go missing. They get homesick. They run away. At the end of last summer, you’d sworn you’d all go your separate ways and never look back. But a job’s a job. University isn’t cheap. And in the idyllic light of dawn, you can almost believe that—this time—everything will be OK. But as a warm breeze crosses the lake and rustles the branches of the trees, your skin crawls despite the summer heat…

Don’t Go Past the Pines is a summer-camp 70s-80s horror movie inspired TTRPG with a focus on collaborative adventure creation.  It uses a unique system based on 1D10 rolls and 5 stats.  We hope you enjoy it.
(Created for PocketQuest 2022)

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