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Publisher: Paizo

Devoured in the Maw is a Pathfinder Second Edition adventure for 3 to 5 player characters of Level 2.

A popular minstrel has been slain by a brashest and his bugbear accomplice. They’ve fled to the Maw, an underground series of chambers beneath the town’s slaughterhouse. The adventurers must be quick and decisive to apprehend the culprits. What they don’t know is that someone more powerful than their quarry is pulling the strings.

About the author 

Troy E. Taylor has been writing, editing and providing cartography for roleplaying games since 2005. His current imprint is First Cup Designs.

His publishing credits include Dragon magazine, Kobold Press, Engine Publishing and the DM’s Guild. Since 2008 he has been a regular contributor to the multi-Ennie winning GM advice site, Gnome Stew.

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