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Publisher: The Tabletop Engineer

Welcome to Delver: Lost Adventures!

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Delver: Lost Adventures contains 12 dungeon adventures perfect for any OSR game such as Old-School Essentials, Basic Fantasy RPG, Swords & Wizardry, and other B/X compatible RPGs. Each adventure provides a map, NPC and creature stats, new magic items, plot overview, and more.

Lost Adventures is one of four books in the Lost Tomes Collection that also includes Lost Artifacts, Lost Hirelings, and Lost Pages. 

Here are the 12 Adventure titles and their recommended character level(s):

Prilla’s Lair (Levels 1-2)
Sisters of the Blade (Level 3)
Prisoners of Blood Fog Cult (Level 4)
The Angry Ogre (Level 4)
Lair of the Red Orc (Level 4)
The Brinder Brothers (Level 5)
The Blood Cabal (Level 6)
Prisoner of the Blood Cabal (Level 6)
Summoning the Exsanguin (Level 7)
Abomination Brother (Level 8)
Prison of the Blue Ettin (Level 9)
Lair of the Grayscar Liches (Level 10)

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