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Publisher: Feral Wizard

Time passes inexorably. Ages come and go, empires rise and fall, knowledge is found and lost, kings are celebrated and then forgotten, war and plague ravage the lives of many while a few enjoy the most exquisite pleasures… for a time. Everybody dies. But not you; you are called to survive them all and untangle the most well hidden secrets of the cosmos, even if the price is beyond what any other mortal is willing to pay. 

You are called to Lichdom.

The Deck of Doom is an artefact capable of scrying into multiple realities. This standard deck of cards (4 suits of 13 cards, plus 4 Doom cards) is specially designed for use with Lichdom, a solo RPG about the perilous journey of a sorcerer towards immortality. You can also use any standard deck of cards to play Lichdom, but you might lose the favour of your infernal patron.

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