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Publisher: Darkglass Studios

It is the year 2277, two centuries have passed since humanity took their first step on mars, a new home for humanity. We terraformed the entire solar system, our previously uninhabitable backyard into a new world for all.

The human race is plagued by a familiar crisis, its cradle could no longer hold its ever growing population. Mother Earth can only provide so much.

Bound by the speed of light and relativity, venturing beyond the Sol system was a desperate escape for many. That is until a discovery was made inside Jupiter’s Great Red Spot when the largest anticyclonic storm in the Sol system unexpectedly faded.

Darkglass Sojourners is a anime AF sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game with hints of transhumanism and fantasy. The setting takes place after a floating earth sized sphere of strange exotic matter that seems to defy physics called Darkglass was found where  Jupiter’s Great Red Spot used to be. This propelled humanity to discover faster than light travel and CHIPs (Computerized Human Instantiated Para-Consciousness) which allowed humans to transfer the entirety of their consciousness into secure and hardy devices the size of a marble. 

This shortly lead to the Aeons of Embers, as when the loss of life became a nuisance, the tragedies of warfare became testing grounds for those in power. After this dark era a golden age came to be where humanity felt deep regrets for how it has treated their own. Finding alien life was the catalyst for change for humanity. The mission: galactic solidarity, to seek out not only peaceful coexistence with the universe’s civilization but kinship amongst the stars. To ensure that no one else needs to suffer alone afraid of the stars above. 

In Darkglass Sojourners, players are Sojourners, members of the Sojourner Initiative which are handselected elite individuals who are sponsored by various governments, corporations, and other entities to represent humanity’s interest in earnest. What Sojourners do will depend on their director who assigns them tasks that they believe will further the mission. 

Darkglass Sojourners offers various transhumanist options for your physical form alongside a variety of Combat Doctrines which best suit and represent your Sojourner’s abilities and identity overall. It contains a simple but robust narrative system for prompt and exciting action, with a vast setting to tell countless stories that your group wants to tell. 

It is best played with a group of 3-5 players. 

At the moment, Darkglass Sojourners is in beta however the base system rules with all player facing options will always be free! This gives you a chance to explore and discover the rules and narratives before deciding to make a purchase. 

What isn’t included in the free PDF is the GM section and NPC creation but is otherwise exactly the same as the base PDF. 

However just for the beta release the full and complete version will be included in the free base PDF, enjoy!

Be sure to grab character sheets which are currently a WIP here

Darkglass Sojourners is a passion project by Darkglass Studios, an indie publisher run by Huy “Sevens” Do. For the latest news with Darkglass Sojourners check out our twitter!

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