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Publisher: Severed Books

A brutal delve into a living cave. In Darkest Rock, adventurers will explore a Vile Geyser, a living cave that they can, if they work hard enough, befriend as a massive walking Caver familiar. But death awaits at every turn. No single chamber stands alone — each one has items or familiars that activate other parts of the environment. Horrid Corpse Worms feed on equally deadly bile-filled Gelatinous Cubes. The Ryja-Krek, a cult who has burrowed into this cave’s guts, will capture and torture anyone who jeopardizes their temple. If you’re cunning, you may survive.

D4 Goliaths/Protagonists for an optional funnel into the cave
New weapons and abilities of all six core classes 
Non-linear multi-level cave with vicious traps and awesome loot
4 Special Mork Borg Caver classes with brutal abilities 
Easy map reference on every page 

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