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Publisher: YUM_DM

This is issue 4 of the successful zine, d12 Sites. This issue features a corrupted druid’s grove.  

d12 Sites is a zine that covers a new adventure location you can drop anywhere in your own D&D campaign world. It’s not just an adventure, it’s a location that can spur months of gaming. 

Issue 4 is covers the Bloodied Grove. It features a once beautiful druid’s grove that has been corrupted by the Cult of the Bloodied Hand – one that is hell-bent on enacting a ritual that will awaken a long-dormant evil. But there is more to this cult than first meets the eye.

This issue contains the following:

A New Location – The Bloodied Grove.

New Cult– The Cult of the Bloodied Hand

How to Expand the Location – I give you guidance on how to expand this location to add further depth to it.

Detailed Hooks – to get your PCs invested into this location.

Maps – A detailed map of the grove by Dyson Maps.

And much more! 

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