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Publisher: Dice Monkey

The Eldest call it Blachach, the Dwarves call it Blackhold, the Drengr call it Shakarn but the name is the same no matter what the language – Curse.

In all the realms, no place is as feared or hated as Curse. The victim of a horrible disaster in its distant past, its misfortune is now the fortune of all.

The city rests now in ruin. Mists which choke and strangle the streets hide many secrets both dark and dangerous.

Across the lands, many travel to Curse. Some for gold, some for treasure, some for redemption. Few will find it. Most will die trying.

Curse: The City of One Thousand Martyrs is a system-agnostic setting book detailing a wretched and ruined city at the edge of civilization. Designed to easily be used with most fantasy roleplaying games, the book details the city itself, the people and creatures that inhabit it, as well as the lands around the city, detailing greater Teranern. In addition the book features a two-page adventure venturing below the city itself.

Coming soon: 5th Edition Subclasses and creature stats for Curse, and creature stats for Old School Essentials.

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